uCalgary, uAlberta approve tuition rate increases

December 17, 2014

The University of Alberta and the University of Calgary have each approved 2.2% tuition increases for September 2015. The hikes represent the maximum allowable increase under provincial regulations. uAlberta Student Union President William Lau said that the increase was expected, but added that students are nevertheless unprepared to take on the increased costs. “There is no way that our resources and ability to pay—wages, loans, grants, scholarships—will keep up,” Lau said. “With cuts to classes and laid off professors, we’re concerned that students are paying more and more for less and less. However, we do understand that inadequate provincial funding is pressuring the institution.” The tuition increases come as Alberta PSE institutions are steeling themselves for cuts to the provincial education budget. uCalgary Provost Dru Marshall said that her institution is aware of the potential for cuts, and is exploring their options for a variety of possible scenarios. “We’re still hoping that the value of postsecondary is recognized as something [that] in creating a knowledge economy would actually help diversify the economy in Alberta,” she said. Metro News (uAlberta) | Metro News (uCalgary) | Metro News (Marshall)