UCalgary, Western condemn signage targeting Muslims, Black Lives Matter

October 6, 2016

The University of Calgary and Western University have issued statements condemning signs that expressed anti-Muslim sentiment and trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement, respectively. “It’s truly disturbing and makes me personally very angry,” said UCalgary President Elizabeth Cannon following the discovery of nearly 40 posters on the school’s campus telling Muslims to “keep your barbaric ways … in your 7th century homeland.” A Western release has also condemned a banner reading “Western Lives Matter” whose image was recently shared widely on social media. “‘Black Lives Matter’ is an important human rights movement and a powerful response to systemic racism that permeates our society,” said Western. “Co-opting the ‘Lives Matter’ phrase in this way is repugnant and trivializes the validity of this international cause and network.” Both schools have said that they have increased security to ensure a safe and respectful atmosphere on campus. Calgary Herald | UCalgary | Globe and Mail (UCalgary) | CBC (UCalgary) | National Post (Western)| Western