Udacity to offer "nanodegrees" for career advancement

June 18, 2014

Online education provider Udacity has announced that it will offer students “nanodegrees,” which VP Business Development & Partnerships Clarissa Shen describes as “a new type of credential for a modern workforce.” Nanodegrees are “compact, flexible, and job-focused credentials that are stackable throughout [a learner’s] career,” Shen said in a news release. Students will be able to complete a nanodegree in 6–12 months in order to help them qualify for a skilled job. Each degree’s curriculum will include hands-on training, a capstone project, and career guidance. Initially, Udacity will offer nanodegree credentials for careers in web development, mobile development, and data analysis. AT&T, who collaborated with Udacity in developing the nanodegree program, will offer up to 100 paid internships for students who complete programs and will furnish scholarships to qualified non-profit organizations. Inside Higher Ed | Udacity News Release