UFV provides update on institutional learning outcomes

May 6, 2013

University of the Fraser Valley's provost offered his thanks and congratulations last month during a display of department/program outcomes that align with the university's Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). 8 pilot projects were selected to demonstrate how department or program outcomes could be aligned to UFV's 9 ILOs -- a set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that the university community has collectively decided that every graduate should possess. The ILOs include demonstrating information competency, analyzing critically and imaginatively, using knowledge and skills proficiently, initiating inquiries and developing solutions to problems, communicating effectively, pursuing self-motivated and self-reflective learning, engaging in collaborative leadership, engaging in respectful and professional practices, and contributing regionally and globally. The focus of the 2012-13 academic year has been alignment of the specific learning outcomes of individual programs with the defined ILOs. The next phase will see every department examining all its courses and field experiences to determine whether what it is offering is relevant to the overall ILOs and its own learning outcomes, and seeking to eliminate redundancies in course content. The following phase entails prioritization, looking for what needs to be added to the curriculum to ensure all outcomes are addressed. UFV News