UK suspends visa eligibility of 60 institutions over systemic student visa fraud

June 26, 2014

The UK’s immigration and security ministry has stripped 3 universities and 57 private colleges of the right to host international students after an investigation revealed widespread fraud in English language testing. The UK visa process requires all foreign students to undergo English language testing. More than 29,000 invalid results and 19,000 questionable results have so far been identified, results largely provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Officials estimate the numbers will be much higher when the investigation is concluded. Glyndwr University, in north Wales, has had its “highly trusted” status suspended; the University of Bedfordshire and the University of West London are no longer allowed to sponsor new international students, pending further investigation. Immigration officials have also discovered a significant number of foreign students working more than their visas allow. A criminal investigation has been launched into the activities of ETS Global, the company’s international subsidiary. Times Higher Education | Inside Higher Ed