UK tuition continues to climb

August 8, 2013

New data based on a survey of UK PSE institutions shows that tuition at the undergraduate level varies wildly, from £1,820 to £9,000, with an average tuition of £8,610. Many of the institutions are charging the full allowable amount of £9,000, or are very close to it. Officials suggest there is pressure for schools to charge the maximum amount in order to appear competitive. Compared to 2012-13, fees for international students have increased 3.9% for undergraduate students, and 4.6% for graduate students. The average cost for an international undergraduate student is £11,289, close to one-third more than UK/EU students pay. At the graduate level, the gap is wider: international students pay close to double the tuition (the average is just under £11,600). The increased fees for international students have not yet caused significant drops in numbers, although a drop of 23.5% was reported for Indian student enrolment in 2011-12, largely due to changes in the student visa-granting system in the UK. Times Higher Education