uLethbridge instates definite layoff days for AUPE employees

July 22, 2013

The University of Lethbridge has taken a step towards addressing the $11.8-million shortfall in its 2013-14 budget by assigning definite layoff days for members of the Alberta Union of Public Employees employed by uLethbridge. AUPE employees will work 11 fewer days next year, with the layoff days falling mostly around non-busy times such as Christmas, reading week, and during the summer. uLethbridge has approximately 500 AUPE staff in a variety of supporting positions. AUPE president Guy Smith stated that the union will file a grievance, as they believe that uLethbridge is “misusing the layoff article in the collective agreement.” The 2 parties will meet in the coming weeks to discuss interpretation of the collective agreement, which expires in June 2014. Smith also noted that universities have been put into a position of having to make cuts in new ways, with the blame falling “right at the feet of the minister, Thomas Lukaszuk, for his budgetary decisions.” Lethbridge Herald