ULethbridge launches program to address on-campus food scarcity

November 8, 2019

The University of Lethbridge has launched Nourish, a program that aims to raise awareness of and promote the institution’s initiatives to address on-campus food scarcity. According to research by ULethbridge Campus Chaplain Erin Phillips, student food concerns are far more prevalent than expected, with 19.2% of students indicating that they ‘sometimes’ ran out of food or did not have money for food, and 7.5% of students indicating this was a common or frequent experience. In response, Nourish aims to raise the profile of the Students’ Union Food Bank, as well as the many campus initiatives in place to assist students in need of food. “We have a very caring campus community that has shown over the years they are eager to help and, through Nourish, we see the opportunity to bring people and their ideas together to increase our students’ access to healthy food,” said Phillips. ULethbridge | Lethbridge Herald (AB)