uLethbridge still dealing with budget shortfall

October 28, 2013

The University of Lethbridge is looking for ways to cut an additional $2.6 million from its budget this year, and an expected $6 million next year, reports the Lethbridge Herald. Due to provincial government cuts, uLethbridge had to find $11.8 million in cuts this year, resulting in voluntary staff retirement packages, maintaining vacancies, and the implementation of definite layoff days for members of the Alberta Union of Public Employees at uLethbridge. Budget subcommittees have prepared reports suggesting increasing revenue generation, reorganizations, finding efficiencies, and administrative cuts. uLethbridge and its faculty have agreed on a 1-year, 1% rollback on base salary, with no cost-of-living increase, and many administration employees will have their salaries frozen. Nancy Walker, VP Finance and Administration, said that further positions may need to be cut, but that they are hoping to do it “through attrition or some sort of reorganization.” Lethbridge Herald