uLethbridge unveils new Coat of Arms

October 15, 2012

At its Fall Convocation Sunday, the University of Lethbridge revealed its new official Coat of Arms, which draws inspiration from previous representations and has been designed to reflect signature elements of the institution. The shield and crest are flanked on the left by a pronghorn, representing uLethbridge's athletics teams, and on the right by a mule deer, a native inhabitant of the area. Together they also represent the men and women who form the uLethbridge community. One of the symbols depicted in the Coat of Arms is a miner's lantern -- an artifact of early coal-mining history of Lethbridge -- which recalls the idea of the illumination of knowledge and symbolizes the achievements of the more than 34,000 uLethbridge alumni. The institution's motto, Fiat Lux (Let there be light), appears at the bottom of the Coat of Arms. uLethbridge News Release