uLethbridge, uSask business schools launch student-managed investment funds

November 16, 2011

On Tuesday, the University of Lethbridge's Faculty of Management launched its Student-Managed Investment Fund, a $100,000 real-money account provided for investment by finance students. The faculty has provided the initial $100,000 seed capital for the fund, which will be invested under the direction of the academic director of the university's Centre for Financial Market Research and Teaching. In addition to the academic director's supervision, guidance on training activities will come from an advisory board composed of faculty members, external investment professionals, and legal experts. Earlier this month, the University of Saskatchewan's Edwards School of Business launched the George S. Dembroski student-managed portfolio trust, which was established with a portion of a $1-million donation from Dembroski. A portion of the income students earn will be reinvested into the portfolio, with the remainder to go toward providing benefits to Edwards' students. uLethbridge News | uSask News Release