uManitoba locks out security staff

August 23, 2010

27 University of Manitoba security personnel were locked out Friday evening after the university and the staff's union were unable to reach an agreement in last-minute negotiations through a conciliator. One of the union's biggest concerns was uManitoba's request to drop staffing levels, allowing security staff to patrol alone instead of in pairs. The union fears the move could put guards, students, and "all persons on university grounds in jeopardy." uManitoba stated Friday it will use the services of one or more security firms to ensure appropriate levels of security are maintained. Negotiations resumed yesterday. Security services update | Winnipeg Free Press

Postscript: Aug 25, 2010
University of Manitoba security personnel will return to work today after the majority accepted in a vote yesterday a tentative agreement reached between the university and the staff's union on Monday. The security staff were locked out Friday after last-minute talks with a concilliator failed to result an agreement. uManitoba website | AESES website