uManitoba to reduce number of faculties

January 20, 2012

In a message to the institutional community, University of Manitoba president David Barnard notes that, based on available data, no other medical-doctoral university of its size and scope in Canada has as many free-standing faculties and schools or departments as does uManitoba (20 faculties and schools and 78 departments.) Barnard believes this academic structure affects academic planning and decision making, results in the inefficient use of people, and hinders progress on the institution's Strategic Planning Framework. Barnard has asked uManitoba's provost to work with deans and directors, who in turn will work with internal and external stakeholders, to identify viable options for reducing the number of faculties and schools from 20 to 13 by 2017. The provost will work with the health sciences cluster to develop a proposal or set of options by December for consideration by the university's governing bodies. Message | Winnipeg Free Press | CBC