uManitoba releases official statements on PhD matter

November 19, 2010

On its website, the University of Manitoba has published its side of the story regarding its dispute with a suspended math professor over the institution's decision to award a doctoral student a PhD, despite the student having twice failed a comprehensive exam. According to uManitoba, the student aced 2 of his 3 crucial exams, wrote an exemplary thesis, and is a scholar with an above-normal number of publications. After failing the third exam, the student was told he had to withdraw from the program, but he appealed, providing documentation from a qualified psychologist maintaining the student suffered from severe, disabling exam anxiety. Under the Manitoba Human Rights Code, uManitoba was obligated to accommodate this disability. Following broad consultation with those involved with the student, the university's graduate studies dean concurred the student need not retake the third exam. uManitoba states the suspended professor has never taught the student, nor was he the student's adviser. Official statements on PhD matter | Winnipeg Free Press