uManitoba strategic enrolment plan focuses on graduate students, Aboriginal students

September 9, 2014

The board of governors at the University of Manitoba has approved a new strategic enrolment strategy that focuses on increased graduate enrolment in programs such as science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine. The plan also focuses on increasing the number of self-declared Indigenous students on campus. According to the plan, uManitoba hopes to increase graduate enrolment from 12.9% of students in 2013–14 to 20% by 2023, and Indigenous enrolment from 7.8% of undergraduate students and 4.2% of graduate students in 2013–14 to 15% and 8%, respectively, by 2023. The Winnipeg Free Press reports that the ambitious enrolment targets are motivated by the perception that uManitoba lags behind its U15 counterparts in several categories. The plan will also likely lead to a reduction in the percentage of international students on campus as focuses shift elsewhere. uManitoba Vice-Provost of Students Susan Gottheil said that the plan constitutes a “more intentional” approach to enrolment, and adds that “we’d like to encourage more Manitobans to stay in Manitoba.” Winnipeg Free Press