UManitoba strike having profound impact on international students, says student leader

November 21, 2016

The ongoing faculty strike at the University of Manitoba has affected many students, but has had a particularly harsh impact on international students, says Steffan Aganbi, the University of Manitoba Students’ Union’s International Students Representative. Speaking with Metro, Aganbi notes that there are roughly 5,100 international students at UManitoba, reflecting about 17% student population, and they pay tuition fees that are an average three times more than those of domestic students. “There’s a lot of noise,” Aganbi argues. “They’re all saying, the UMFA (University of Manitoba Faculty Association) is concerned about students. The university administration is concerned about students,” he said. “We’re the real stakeholders here. International students pay a lot of money and I’m sure Canadian students do (also) pay a lot of money. And we are not being considered at all.” Metro