uManitoba support staff at odds with administration over salary freeze

April 11, 2012

The University of Manitoba is facing a potential strike by thousands of support workers, even though the institution says its offer is better than the union's proposal. uManitoba is offering the support staff's union $215,000 in cash plus the same overall wage hikes the union seeks. The key in the dispute is the union has rejected uManitoba's proposal to begin a 4-year deal with a 2-year wage freeze. The university is offering zero, zero, 2.9, and 2.9, plus $215,000 for adjustments in some job levels. The union is seeking zero, 2.9, zero, and 2.9 over 4 years. The union has a strike mandate, though it received only 55% support with its 2,626 members. "I realize that" is a low support rate, says the union's president, but the union has called another membership meeting for next Thursday, at which it will ask "for a resounding vote of support for strike action." Winnipeg Free Press | AESES-UM Bargaining Update