UManitoba, UMFA reassure students in face of potential strike

October 20, 2016

The University of Manitoba is assuring students that plans are in place to ensure their academic year is able to continue in light of a recent vote for a strike mandate from university faculty. A post on the UManitoba website explains that the school “has no intention of ‘writing off the year’ if there is a labour disruption” and that “the intent is that the academic year will be successfully completed.” The University of Manitoba Faculty Association has also issued a statement to students stating that “no job action at the U of M has ever resulted in students losing their credits,” and recognizing that “in addition to going to class, students live, play and exercise on campus, so they will be physically crossing the picket line.” Winnipeg Free Press (Subscription Required) | UManitoba (Student FAQ) | UMFA (Information for Students)