UMFA criticized for refusing binding arbitration, receives statements of support from students, BC union leaders

December 1, 2021
As the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) strike continues, mediator Arne Peltz has “slammed” UMFA for refusing to accept the binding arbitration, while students and British Columbia union leaders have publicly expressed their support of the association. CBC reports that Peltz’s final recommendations encouraged using binding interest arbitration, since the parties remained far apart from one another and students are being impacted by the strike. “Like the University [of Manitoba], UMFA should be willing to subject all its proposals to scrutiny before an independent arbitrator and to live with the result,” said Peltz. The Canadian Federation of Students has released a statement in solidarity with UMFA, while the Federation of Postsecondary Educators of BC indicated that its leaders are walking picket lines with UMFA members. CBC | CFS | FPSE (MB)