uMontréal social work students vote to renew class boycott

August 7, 2012

The first of many rounds of votes on whether or not to return to class were counted Monday evening, with Université de Montréal social work students approving the renewal of a strike against increasing tuition fees. Of 638 students in the department, nearly 10% voted in the general assembly. In total, 33 students voted for the continued strike, 26 voted against, and 2 abstained. The department will vote again on September 7. This uMontréal vote comes on the heels of a statement signed by more than 2,000 professors and teachers worldwide denouncing provisions of Bill 78 and more than 200 Quebec educational professionals vowing to respect the impending student votes on the strike renewal. At a news conference Monday, professors maintained that Bill 78 "created a climate of war" between students and teachers, and refused to violate the "democratic decisions" of students in their general assemblies. Montreal Gazette | CBC