uMontréal students pass motion asking for rector's resignation

October 12, 2012

Students at the Université de Montréal, still upset over what they call an excessive police presence on campus as students returned to class in late August, passed a motion last week asking for rector Guy Breton to resign. "It would have been sufficient to have security handle it," says the secretary-general of uMontréal's student association. "The way it was handled was excessive." A uMontréal spokesperson says Breton has no intention of resigning. The incident took place on August 27 and 28, when approximately 50 students -- who were unhappy about returning to school to make up for time lost during the previous term's tuition conflict -- were greeted by about 100 police officers trying to make sure no one was prevented from going to class. "Police should not have been asked onto campus for something like this," says the student association official, explaining that students just wanted to express their disapproval of the rector's actions. Montreal Gazette