uMontreal's humanitarian recruitment campaign succeeds

May 16, 2008

Clear-cutting  Boatload of Refugees












Under the headline, "l'avenir a besoin de vous" ("the future needs you"), the ads in the Université de Montréal fall 2007 recruitment campaign feature stunning photography of a boat filled with refugees, a clear-cut forest, child soldiers and more. The strategy was "to position UdeM as a force of change" by tying in the subjects that research showed students were most passionate about: the environment, health, humanitarian and globalization issues. The ads, created by a Montreal agency, ran in Montreal dailies and campus papers, billboards across the city, and online at Google, Facebook, and selected employment websites. The  campaign appears to have been a success: applications are up and attendance at two campus open houses increased 20% over last year.

(With thanks to uMontreal AVP Communications Philippe Beauregard.)

United Nations Building  Patient waiting in hospital corridor
 Desert wasteland  Child Soldier