UNB project devoted to immigrant retention gets $400K cash infusion

November 16, 2017

The Pond-Deshpande Centre at the University of New Brunswick is looking to encourage more economic immigrants to stay in the province. CBC reports that this week, the New Brunswick and Canadian governments announced a combined $400K for NouLAB, a joint venture of the Pond-Deshpande Centre and the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network, to pay for the costs of running a “social innovation lab” that brings together stakeholders from every sector to brainstorm ideas to increase immigrant retention. Then, the lab will get to work on putting some of those ideas into practise, and tracking how successful they are over a three-year period. “You get all the data, so you see the problem at a 360-degree view instead of just pieces of the pie,” says Pond-Deshpande Executive Director Karina LeBlanc. “So it's really a collaborative endeavour.” CBC