UNB, Stepscan, CyberNB partner to create pressure-sensitive flooring for security applications

August 16, 2021
The University of New Brunswick has collaborated with Stepscan Technologies and CyberNB to create pressure-sensitive, modular flooring that can analyze footsteps. Through the partnership, UNB research on topics such as machine learning and biometrics is being used to develop a flooring that can differentiate between people by their gait and foot-floor interactions. “This first-of-its-kind project is an exciting opportunity to apply our expertise in the real world to validate and improve Stepscan’s novel, touchless biometric solution,” said Dr Erik Scheme, director of the Health Technologies Lab at UNB. The project has received funding from organizations such as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Alliance Grants program, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program, the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, CyberNB, and Stepscan and Knowledge Park. UNB (NB)