UNB student union opposes planned Currie Centre fee

April 18, 2011

The president of the University of New Brunswick Student Union (UNBSU) says it appears the institution will move ahead to include a $150 fee to help pay for the Richard J. Currie Centre in budget proposals coming back to the board of governors next month. The student leader says the union is disappointed that there has been no consultation with students about the fee. According to UNBSU policy, non-tuition related ancillary fees should be student approved and under student control. While a UNB spokesman says no final decisions will be made until the budget is approved, the student union president says the institution has unilaterally added ancillary fees charged to students on top of their tuition. In 2009, UNB tacked on a $50 fee to cover costs for the student health centre, a fee from which students saw no increased benefit, the student leader argues. UNBSU News Release | Daily Gleaner