UNBSU president critical of small student representation on university board

March 21, 2012

One of 3 student representatives on UNB's 43-member board of governors, the student union president argues that with a disproportionate number of students on the board, it is more difficult to get student-oriented issues heard. While there hasn't been notable conflict this year, he notes that the adoption of the $150 "Currie Fee" last year was a point of contention between student representatives and the rest of the board. "More student voice around the table might have changed the dialogue a bit," he says. UNB president Eddy Campbell says the number of students on the board is in line with that at other universities' boards. "It's not about the numbers -- it's about the respect and the manner in which they represent the student body and the way in which they conduct themselves," Campbell says. "The folks that we have are used to making the student point of view very clear." The strict legislation applied to the board would make it difficult to add more student members, let alone any other positions. The Brunswickan (student newspaper)