UNC officials admit to oversight failure

January 31, 2014

Carol Folt, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill‘s Chancellor, has publicly apologized for “a failure in academic oversight for years,” speaking of the scandal that arose at UNC in 2012 around athletes being awarded grades for fake classes. Officials at UNC have, until now, asserted that it was one professor’s actions responsible for the fake classes; James Dean, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost, now says, “We made mistakes. Horrible things happened that I’m ashamed of.” A UNC researcher revealed in 2012 that many student athletes could not read well enough to pass a college class, raising questions around admittance eligibility and special treatment. UNC is implementing a series of reforms aimed at improving student athlete performance and oversight, and has launched an internal investigation into the history of the department at the centre of the scandal. CNN News | Businessweek