UnderAcademy College an "anti-MOOC"

September 20, 2012

UnderAcademy College is a new provider of free online courses that pokes fun at the growing trend of providing massive open online courses (MOOCs). Among the course offerings are "Grammar Porn" and "Underwater Procrastination and Advanced Desublimation Techniques." UnderAcademy does offer serious content taught by faculty from some well-known institutions. Unlike most MOOCs, UnderAcademy caps enrolment in each course at 15, with the idea that students should shape the courses and have a more personal learning experience. The college is an experimental alternative form of a MOOC that does a better job of delivering liberal-arts curriculum, says UnderAcademy founder Talan Memmott, a lecturer at Sweden's Blekinge Institute of Technology. "One could argue that MOOCs dehumanize the humanities," he says. And if liberal arts and the humanities "are being marginalized within traditional academic institutions, and the MOOC model doesn't facilitate a liberal-arts education -- another model must be sought, or invented. At its core, this is what UnderAcademy College is attempting to do." The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | UnderAcademy