Undergrads in Maritimes take an average of 4.8 years to graduate, says MPHEC

September 22, 2016

University students in the Maritimes take on average 4.8 years to complete an undergraduate degree, according to new research by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission. The research found that one of the main reasons students do not complete their degree in four years is a change of school or field of study, as only 16% of students affected by this factor finish in four years. The study found, however, that even for students who remain in the same school and program, only 64% finish in four years. New Brunswick Student Alliance Executive Director Robert Burroughs argues that these findings should result in a change in the province’s timely completion benefit. “Why have a timely completion benefit for four years if we know the average is five years … To reduce student debt, why would you not add that additional year on to the timely completion,” said Burroughs. CBC | MPHEC | NBSA