Universities “need to do more” for reconciliation: MacEwan President

October 15, 2018

Although Canadian universities have made substantial steps toward reconciliation, they continue to fail Indigenous peoples, writes MacEwan University President Deborah Saucier. In addition to ongoing systemic barriers that can prohibit Indigenous youth from accessing post-secondary education, preconceptions about the value of Indigenous knowledge, language, and traditions present an intangible barrier for meaningful reconciliation within universities as historically colonialist spaces. Saucier adds that industry in Canada will need to draw on Indigenous talent if it is to thrive in the future. To respond to this need, MacEwan has introduced the pimâcihisowin Foundation Program, a pathway that helps Indigenous students obtain credits and skills for MacEwan programs. In addition to facilitating spaces for Indigenous students, Saucier adds, universities need to integrate the value of Indigenous knowledge. Maclean’s