Universities can help Montréal adapt to post-pandemic realities: Opinion

November 4, 2020
Universities, with their leadership in research, can help the Greater Montréal community adapt to life after the pandemic, write McGill University President Suzanne Fortier and Université de Montréal Rector Daniel Jutras. The authors say that universities should use their expertise to tackle challenges associated with post-pandemic realities such as city redesigns, ethical deployment of technology, and redefining the rules of community life. Additionally, the authors write that Montréal’s university campuses should collaborate with their surrounding neighbourhoods to “transform the urban area into a living laboratory where the results of applied research can be tested.” The authors call for the city’s universities to use their students’ energy to restart Montréal. The article is co-signed by other leaders of education in Montréal. Montreal Gazette | La Presse (French) (QC)