Universities to get better idea of for-credit MOOC success

August 8, 2013

Inside Higher Ed has published a roundup of the growing number of universities that are offering credits and charging tuition for MOOCs, including the first university to do so in Canada -- the University of Alberta with its new Coursera MOOC on dinosaurs. As the article points out, this should give the sector a better idea of how many students are interested in receiving credits for open online courses. No students have accepted Georgia State University’s offer to test students on their knowledge on MOOCs they have taken and possibly award them with credit. Still, other universities are joining Georgia State, including the public Maryland University and the State University of New York, as well as for-profits American Public University System and Kaplan University. Israel's Tel Aviv University is giving students credit for what they learn from MOOCs that are developed by the university and taught by its professors. To receive the credit, students must first pass an exam at Tel AvivU. Inside Higher Ed