Universities offer students ability to generalize

October 29, 2013

The Globe and Mail reports on the increasing popularity of generalist university programs in its Canadian University Report 2014. The University of Victoria offers a Minor in Human Dimensions of Climate Change, an interdisciplinary program that Evan Pivnick says ““strengthened his ability to consider problems from different perspectives and communicate with experts from disparate fields.”” The Globe points out that while interdisciplinary programs have been around for some time, universities are coming up with unique curricula that ““recognize that modern problems require thinkers with a broad wisdom not limited to a single field.”” McMaster University’’s honours integrated science, arts and science, and bachelor of health sciences programs are inherently interdisciplinary. Dalhousie University’’s College of Sustainability offers double majors that involve working on sustainability challenges in the community with professors in the arts, business, science, engineering, health and design faculties. Most of the 60 universities researched for the Canadian University Report offer relatively new interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in subjects as varied as cognitive science, peace and justice, food systems and community engagement. Globe and Mail