Universities use awareness campaigns to reduce alcohol-related incidents

April 16, 2014

Alcohol continues to be an issue on Canadian university campuses, but there is some good news. A report presented to McMaster’s university senate found that overall alcohol violations were down 27% over the previous year, in spite of a growing student population. Alcohol-related incidents make up the majority of conduct code breaches, but Dean of Students Sean Van Koughnett was optimistic. He hoped the declining numbers proved the impact of education and awareness programs. Carleton University is likely looking for similar results. On April 9 it launched a new Alcohol Awareness Strategy to promote responsible drinking. The strategy is the result of a revision of the university’s campus alcohol policy that began in September. “Canadian society is taking steps to address our attitudes and behaviours as they relate to alcohol and Carleton wants to be a leader in the post-secondary field regarding this effort,” said Ryan Flannagan, Carleton’s Director of Student Affairs. Hamilton Spectator | Carleton News Release