Universities working to accommodate transgendered students

September 12, 2014

An article in University Affairs examines the efforts universities are making to be more welcoming of transgendered persons. York University, the UBC, and Western University, for instance, provide gender-neutral, single-stall washrooms around campus, and other universities are working to make trans persons feel comfortable by offering single rooms in residence. Workshops for faculty, staff, and student leaders are also becoming more commonplace, as well as designated safe spaces. Administrative issues are also being addressed, with institutions adopting record-keeping practices that ensure that transcripts, class lists, and other official documents reflect the preferred names and genders of trans students. While progress is being made, there is still much work to be done. "It is often the case in a large system that it takes time to get things done," said Jean Pfleiderer, who works in the Queen's University human rights and equity office. University Affairs