University demand exceeds supply in Surrey

February 25, 2013

As more students flock to university in Surrey, BC, university officials worry they may be a victim of their own success, with demand for seats outpacing supply. Enrolment at Simon Fraser University's Surrey campus is already over capacity, with more than 7,000 students enrolled. At Kwantlen Polytechnic University, officials are estimating that capacity is at 103%. An SFU Surrey official says that as demand increases, so too will the GPAs needed to enter the university, making it more difficult for some students to attend the Surrey campus. A Kwantlen spokeswoman says the university is "pretty much continually filled," yet demand continues to increase. She expects in the next 15 years that demand in trades programs will be huge as those working in the trades retire from the workforce. Kwantlen president Alan Davis notes there has been a shortage of investment in PSE seats south of the Fraser, which has led youth to travel to institutions in other municipalities. But he expects that will change as Surrey becomes a "full service city" and the demand increases for a variety of courses. Vancouver Sun