University underfunding threatens Montreal's status, forum hears

February 5, 2013

Montreal's 9 universities got together Monday in advance of this month's PSE summit in Quebec to send a message about the role universities play in Quebec life -- and to warn they are in a fragile state due to chronic underfunding. Saying universities are inextricably connected to research and research is the engine of Quebec's knowledge economy, the universities teamed up with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal to state it is imperative that Montreal maintain its status as Canada's university capital. The Université de Montréal's chancellor says the goal of the forum, which drew nearly 500 people, was not to provide solutions to underfunding, but to illustrate the consensus in belief that universities are critical to society. Approximately 65% of Quebec's 184,000 university students are enrolled in a Montreal university, which is why so many at the event talked about how this strong community contributes to the city's prosperity and international reputation. Les universités de Montréal News Release | Montreal Gazette