UofA denied request for budget flexibility, planned layoffs to go forward

March 26, 2020

Despite efforts to reach an agreement with the Government of Alberta, University of Alberta President David Turpin said that mass layoffs due to the 2020 provincial budget will go forward. Turpin added that the university and other postsecondary institutions in the province have been working with the provincial government to reach an agreement to have the severance costs from layoffs deficit financed, but the request was denied. The AB Ministry of Advanced Education told Global News that it believed UofAa was not operating in a fiscally prudent way, with press secretary Laurie Chandler stating: “Over the last decade, funding has grown 106 per cent, while enrollment has only grown 21 per cent.” CBC reports that 5 university groups have condemned the cuts and called on UofA to maintain pay for laid off workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global News | CBC (AB)