UoGuelph launches dairy research centre, partners with SVG Ventures

November 27, 2020
The University of Guelph has created a new dairy research centre called Dairy at Guelph: The Centre for Dairy Research and Innovation. The centre will increase collaboration between researchers, strengthen UoGuelph research impacts, and ensure that dairy researchers and innovators are equipped to meet industry needs. “This centre will amplify collaboration, accelerate research and development, and elevate the University’s expertise, which will in turn escalate our researchers’ incredibly positive impacts on the dairy industry worldwide, including supporting sustainability and fuelling innovation for the industry,” said UoGuelph VP (research) Malcolm Campbell. UoGuelph has additionally announced that it has partnered with SVG Ventures’ THRIVE to support Canadian agri-food sector innovation through the establishment of SVG’s THRIVE Canada Accelerator and start-up program. UoGuelph (1) | UoGuelph (2) (ON)