UoGuelph part cancer research team awarded $25M

January 29, 2019

A University of Guelph has announced that researcher Emma Allen-Vercoe fo the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, is part of an international research team that has received a $25M award. The OPTIMISTICC (Opportunity to Investigate the Microbiome’s Impact on Science and Treatment in Colorectal Cancer) research team is investigating the connections between microbes in the body and cancer. “U of G now counts among some of the top institutes in the world that have received Cancer Research UK funding to date,” said Allen-Vercoe. “There is a real sense of excitement in the air. We are all feeling impressed by CRUK’s commitment and pledge of support for helping us to grow networks, to disseminate our results and to continue to raise funding.” The project also involves the BC Cancer Agency and post-secondary institutions from the US and UK. UoGuelph | VHIO (ON)