UoGuelph to permanently establish Nokom’s House research laboratory in Arboretum

August 13, 2021
The University of Guelph has announced that it will be permanently establishing the Nokom’s House research laboratory in its Arboretum. Nokom’s house, named after the Ojibway word that means “my grandmother,” will be a space in which people will learn, gather, create, and participate in ceremony. It will be led by three UoGuelph professors alongside the guidance of Indigenous community members and Elders, and will be a shared research lab for student, community, and individual use. “It is such an important time for us to be doing this, given the political climate and increasing social awareness around the atrocities of Indian residential schools,” said Dr Sheri Longboat, Haudenosaunee Mohawk and UoGuelph Professor. “An Indigenous research lab led by Indigenous women to make or reclaim space in the academy, is truly powerful.” UoGuelph (ON)