UoGuelph SMA focuses on agri-food, rural communities, teaching excellence

August 28, 2014

The University of Guelph’s key areas of differentiation include its strategic focus on food, health, environment and community as well as its special responsibility for agriculture and veterinary medicine, according to the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) the university signed with Ontario. UoGuelph is cited for its continuing support for rural communities, food security, and the environmental sustainability of the agri-food sector in Ontario. The university’s partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ontario Ministry of Rural Affairs is noted to have yielded a $1.15 B return to the provincial economy on a $55-M investment. UoGuelph is also recognized for the high number of inventions produced in proportion to its research funding. The SMA further acknowledges UoGuelph for its commitment to teaching excellence, as evinced through its leadership in online learning, its co-op program offerings, and its efforts to continuously redesign curricula and improve learning outcomes in partnership with the US-based National Center for Academic Transformation. The SMA identifies 2 proposed program areas of growth: biomedical sciences, including kinesiology; and engineering and computing, with an emphasis on sustainable engineering, biomedical/mechanical engineering, and design. UoGuelph SMA