uOttawa’s new tuition discount upsets some international students

September 3, 2014

Some international students at the University of Ottawa are upset with the new language-based tuition discount offered to French-speaking international students. uOttawa announced last year that it would offer domestic tuition rates to international students who want to study in French. Reported amounts vary, but French-speaking international students are saving $10,000–$15,000 in tuition annually; the discount has resulted in 3 times as many French-speaking international students enrolling so far this year. However, non-French-speaking international students at uOttawa say the discount is unfair. “I think every language is equal,” said Scott Zhoe, an international student from China. “You can't make me pay more money than they do just because I don't speak French.” Caroline Renaud, the Director of uOttawa’s international office, said the university is not aware of any upset students. “We're not seeing it as being unfair, and we just very sincerely explain the situation to international students who choose to study in English,” she said. CBC