uOttawa considering satellite campus for southwestern Ontario

October 30, 2012

In its proposed strategic mandate agreement, the University of Ottawa states that "the capacity of our institution to educate students and conduct research in two languages is a competitive strength in an increasingly global marketplace not only for uOttawa, but also for the province of Ontario." With this in mind, the university is exploring the possibility of establishing a satellite campus in southwestern Ontario, where growth in the Francophone community is strongest and French-language PSE is unavailable. Under another objective -- "highly qualified people and new knowledge translation to secure Ontario's future" -- uOttawa aims to increase by 2020 the size of its graduate cohort from the present 14% to 18%. Within that number, uOttawa plans to grow its PhD student cohort by 50%; double the number of graduate students in its areas of differentiated strengths (health, science and engineering, and public policy); and launch Canada's first School of Government. uOttawa News Release | uOttawa SMA