UOttawa, NiagaraU, Western, Huron, Brescia, KingsUC announce campus vaccine requirements

August 12, 2021
The University of Ottawa, Niagara University, Western University, Huron University College, King's University College, and Brescia University College have each announced that they will be requiring those on campus to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. UOttawa will require anyone accessing the campus to have received at least one shot by September 7th and a second by October 15th. Students who are not vaccinated will be required to follow protocols such as frequent testing and personal protective equipment requirements. Western and the affiliate university colleges have introduced a new policy requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for students, staff, and faculty. NiagaraU has announced that it will be requiring vaccination for students attending any of its campuses, including its Vaughan campus in Ontario. The universities are also offering online options for students who choose not to get vaccinated. (ON) CBC | NiagaraU | Western | Ottawa Citizen | The Star