uOttawa to open new Business Law Clinic

August 20, 2014

The University of Ottawa will soon open its new bilingual and bijural Business Law Clinic, reportedly the first of its kind in Canada. The new clinic will serve entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, providing pro bono legal services in both official languages and in both the common and civil law systems. The clinic will cover a variety of legal areas including corporate/commercial law, intellectual property law, employment law, basic tax law, non-profit and charity law, and commercial arbitration. There will also be free public education seminars offered by the clinic. “This is really a win-win scenario,” said Michael Marin, Academic Director of the Business Law Clinic. “Clients will get top-notch legal services that they otherwise couldn’t afford, and students will get hands-on experience in business law.” The service, which opens in September, will fill a gap in legal aid availability, which is usually geared towards criminal, family, and refugee legal cases. uOttawa News Release