uOttawa president responds to Citizen's coverage of internal report

April 12, 2010

Tasked with looking for ways to reduce spending and increase revenue at the University of Ottawa, a steering committee comprising financial experts and university board of governor members observes that uOttawa "faces significant deficits, its much-vaunted new focus on research is not financially sustainable and its students are seriously dissatisfied with what the university offers," reported the Ottawa Citizen Sunday. In response what he calls an "erroneous portrait" in the Citizen story, uOttawa president Allan Rock writes that the institution remains "in a very strong financial position as a result of a history of fiscal prudence." "Astonished" to read the suggestion that the university's focus on research is "unsustainable," Rock points out that uOttawa ranks second in Canada for peer-reviewed grants in medicine and science. Ottawa Citizen | Read Rock's response