uOttawa SMA focuses on community and global connections, health, and bilingual education

September 2, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between Ontario and the University of Ottawa emphasizes the institution’s role as Ontario’s flagship bilingual university in the comprehensive/research-intensive category, as well as its research strengths in the areas of health, Canada and the World, molecular and environmental sciences, and e-society. The SMA highlights as areas of institutional strength uOttawa’s economic impact on the Ottawa-Gattineau region, its promotion of entrepreneurship, its focus on health, and its engagement with local and global communities. uOttawa is also recognized for its support for experiential and technology-enabled learning, with particular mention made of uOttawa’s co-op program, its support for blended learning, and its use of simulation scenarios in language education. Medicine and health, science and technology, and government and management are identified as areas of research strength, and the SMA notes uOttawa’s strong performance in international rankings. The SMA lists 5 proposed program areas of growth: management and communication, science and engineering, environment, public policy, and health. uOttawa SMA