UPEI compresses BEd program to one year

December 13, 2013

The University of Prince Edward Island is changing its Bachelor of Education program, compressing it into one year from 2 to “allow its graduates to be more marketable and competitive when seeking jobs.” The move follows a 39% drop in enrolment in the university’s Faculty of Education. The renewed program will also include “expanded student experience” and better preparation for diverse classroom settings. “We will retain the same number of courses, the same practicum expectations, and the same specializations. The program will begin in May 2014 and end in May 2015, one year later,” says UPEI Dean of Education Ron MacDonald. The program’s recruitment efforts will target math, science and French undergraduates to address high-need areas in the K-12 system on PEI and elsewhere in Canada. The Ontario government this past spring, moving in the opposite direction, announced it would reduce teacher’s college admissions by 50%, and double the time it currently takes students to graduate. The Guardian