UPEI considering implementing"freedom credits" for electives

September 19, 2014

The CBC reports that the University of Prince Edward Island is considering the adoption of “Freedom credits,” which allow students to opt for a pass or fail rather than a full mark in some courses. Such credits would not be available to students for courses in their core area of study, but are intended to encourage students to pursue potentially challenging electives without fear of their effect on their GPA. “It’s about flexibility, it’s about opportunities for students to have a broader experience for university when they’re here,” said UPEI Registrar Kathleen Keilly. However, some are skeptical of the plan. A professor in the Department of English and Theatre worries that a pass/fail grade on a transcript might be a red flag to graduate programs or employers. UPEI is carefully evaluating the merits of the plan. Keilly said, “it’s under review for areas like how do you get considered, what courses will qualify, how it’s going to impact your transcript, how many courses can you do, what would be the impact on scholarships and awards, how does it affect GPA or not.” CBC